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Multidisciplinary Team

Simona Fourie
Clinical Study Coordinator
Pelvic Floor Specialist Nurse

Chris Rigozzi
Nurse Practitioner

Effective treatment for pelvic floor disorders requires a multidisciplinary team, which plays a key role in the effective management of patients.

When you are referred by your doctor to our unit, you will initially be seen in our pelvic floor clinic by a surgeon. We will ask questions relating to your symptoms to try to establish their underlying cause and examine you.

The next stage often involves further investigations as explained elsewhere on the website. Defaecating proctograms and transit studies are performed in the X-ray department by radiographers and the results are analysed by radiologists. Anorectal physiology and ultrasound is undertaken by nurse specialists and physiologists.

Karen Curran
Nurse Practitioner

We meet regularly with our colleagues and have a monthly formal multidisciplinary team meeting to discuss particularly complex cases. There is open discussion between everyone in the team and results are reviewed. You will be seen back in clinic to discuss your results and treatment options.

We will often see if we can improve your symptoms with simple measures such as dietary changes, laxatives and pelvic floor exercise or pelvic floor retraining. Many people find that their symptoms are completely resolved by such measures. Much of this advice and help will come from our specialist nurses.

For those patients requiring surgery, the operation itself is of course done by a surgeon. However, of great importance is the expertise of our theatre staff who are familiar with our specialist and often highly technical practice. You will be cared for in a safe and welcoming environment on our wards.